Gov. Walker to sign Right-to-Work bill at Badger Meter in Brown Deer

BROWN DEER (AP) — Governor Scott Walker plans to sign the right-to-work bill on Monday, March 9th at a Milwaukee-area company whose leader spoke out in favor of the measure this week.

Walker announced Friday that he will sign the bill at Badger Meter in Brown Deer.

Badger Meter's CEO and Chairman Rich Meeusen this week said passing the bill will lead to between 30 and 50 new jobs at his factory. He spoke out after a coalition of more than 400 businesses joined together in opposition to the proposal.

The Assembly passed it Friday morning on a party line vote with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats against.

"What we`re gonna be seeing is a weakening of the power of labor over the next couple years and along with that the weakening of the power of the Democratic Party. It`s almost like what we`re seeing (Monday) is the moment Wisconsin becomes a Republican state," UW-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee said.

The bill prevents businesses from entering into agreements with unions that would force workers to pay union fees. A violation carries a penalty of nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine.

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