Gov. Walker speaks in Iowa, fuels Presidential campaign talk

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Governor Scott Walker will deliver a speech on Thursday evening, May 23rd, to The Polk County, Iowa Republicans, a forum that traditionally launches GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Iowa hosts the nation's first Presidential nominating contest when it holds the caucuses in January 2016. Many are speculating that Walker plans to run for President next term, however he is downplaying those thoughts, saying the speech is a favor to Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad.

"It's just as simple as, Terry Brandstad, he's a good friend of mine, he did an event for me when I was running in the recall election. He, like other governors have, asked me to attend events, and sparingly when I can go to some, this is one of those," says Walker.

Despite the nearly constant talk since Walker rose to national prominence, he says the Presidency is far from his mind.

"It's really something I haven't given serious consideration to. Ultimately, I love my job. I had to work pretty hard twice in the last two years to become Governor. We're focused on that each and every day," says Walker.

The Iowa trip is Walker's third out-of-state speech this week. The other's were fundraisers in Connecticut and New York.

Democratic state Senator Chris Larson says Walker's schedule says it all.

"He's done with Wisconsin. I think based off the fact that we're 44th in job growth, problems continue at WEDC, it's obvious his interest is not in the state of Wisconsin, or working democrats, or with folks who are in the middle," says Larson.

Pundits say before Walker considers a Presidential campaign, he'd first have to win re-election in Wisconsin in 2014.

"I'm focused on finishing this term," Walker says. "At some point we'll make an announcement on the 2014 election, but for now, I'm focused on the term I'm in."

Walker is in the process of writing a book, which many say is another move laying the groundwork for a Presidential run.

Reports say Congressman Paul Ryan, another possible Presidential contender, is also writing a book that will come out next year.