Gov. Walker pushes for ending all tariffs in reaction to news Harley's shifting some production overseas

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says his goal when it comes to tariffs is to level the playing field to where there are few or any imposed on products made in the United States, including Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Walker says that's what he will push for in the wake of news that Harley-Davidson is shifting production of motorcycles headed for Europe from the U.S. to factories overseas due to increasing tariffs.

Walker says the issue was discussed at a U.S. Department of Commerce meeting he attended in Washington last week where he pitched companies on investing in Wisconsin.

Walker says increasing foreign investment will help with the trade imbalance and therefore lead to a reduction in tariffs. But he says the ultimate goal is the removal of all tariffs so "we don't have this tit for tat on any number of products out there."