Gov. Walker announces housing tax credits to create 1,800 jobs

OCONOMOWOC -- Governor Scott Walker revealed on Wednesday, April 18th that 21 projects across the state will receive tax credits from Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA).

Gov. Walker says those tax credits amount to about $12.6 million and will be used to jumpstart affordable housing projects. The money will be used for 21 housing developments across the state - including turning a former Oconomowoc high school into 55 low-cost apartments.

The governor says the tax credits will help create over 1,800 jobs in construction and construction-related services statewide.

"A project that not only makes affordable housing in the 21 communities in which these projects will be a part of, but obviously provides us more than 1,800 jobs in construction and construction-related services. That, for us, is a good investment," Walker said.

Several cities, including Milwaukee, Waukesha, Caledonia and Twin Lakes will see money through this program.