Gov. Walker announces he'll speak at RNC; some Wisconsin delegates backing out last-minute

CLEVELAND -- Governor Scott Walker confirmed Tuesday, July 5th he has accepted an invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland -- but how many high-ranking Wisconsin Republicans will be there to hear him? Several are backing out, with the convention two weeks away.

The convention will take place from July 18th through the 21st in Cleveland.

John Kasich

Not all Republicans have warmed to the idea of a Donald Trump candidacy. Ohio Governor John Kasich, a former presidential candidate, will skip his party's convention, being held in his own state.

Governor Scott Walker is one of the Wisconsin Republicans who has planned to attend the convention all along, and now, we've learned he'll speak there.

Scott Walker

"When I was asked about whether I'd be interested, I said I would be. I think there is a clear contrast. And I think, to me, for those who raise concerns like I just did about the judgment of Hillary Clinton in terms of not just those emails, but some of the other issues out there -- really there's only one alternative," Walker said.

Speaking slots at conventions are normally coveted -- offered to party leaders and rising political stars.

However, with Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, this is no normal election year. Many ranking Republicans will skip the convention, including three of the last four nominees.

Some all-important delegates -- the ones who ultimately pick the nominee are bailing as well, including several from Wisconsin.

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will go to Ohio, but she has given up her role as a delegate, and will leave the convention early, citing "scheduling conflicts."

Former Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Michael Grebe told the Associated Press about his decision to back out: "I do not want to be part of a process that results in the nomination of Donald Trump."

Wisconsin Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke and former Governor Scott McCallum are also skipping the convention. Their exit, however, has opened doors for others.

"Very thankful to be selected. It`s a great honor," Van Mobley said.

Mobley is Thiensville's village president, and a vocal Donald Trump supporter. He just received a last-minute invitation to Cleveland as an alternate delegate.

Van Mobley

"I think that he can win. I know that he can win. I am a firm believer he is going to win," Mobley said.

In the primary on April 5th, Wisconsin overwhelmingly voted for Ted Cruz.

Mobley said there are plenty of others who will take the place of the delegates who do not want to go to the convention. He said he is confident the party will come together -- saying Governor Scott Walker's decision to speak at the convention is the latest sign of that.