Gov. Walker "absolutely" confident he's clear in John Doe probe

MADISON -- For two years, questions have swirled around Gov. Scott Walker over whether he is the target of a John Doe investigation into some of the aides who served him while he was Milwaukee's County Executive. Gov. Walker said last week's conviction of his former deputy chief of staff Kelly Rindfleisch shows he is not linked to the John Doe investigation, but state Democrats say it only raises more questions.

On Monday, November 26th at the state Capitol, Gov. Walker said he was focused on his 2013 budget, as questions swirl over his possible involvement in a criminal corruption probe. Again Monday, he emphatically said he is not a target.

The Solidarity Singers were back at the Capitol Monday afternoon. The group once sang in support of a gubernatorial recall, and now it is calling for an indictment.

After the conviction of Gov. Walker's former chief of staff, Democrats say they are convinced Gov. Scott Walker knew of wrongdoing in his office when he was Milwaukee's County Executive.

"Scott Walker is going to continue to lie about what happened in his County office. The fact is, half of his staff is implicated, has been charged or has gotten immunity," Sen. Chris Larson (D - Milwaukee) said.

Gov. Walker has not been charged, and has maintained he had no knowledge of misconduct in his office. So far, six of his former aides and associates have been charged.

Emails revealed in court last week showed his aide Kelly Rindfleisch and members of his 2010 campaign staff were in constant contact, including daily telephone calls in which the official office and campaign office were coordinating schedules, staffing and media requests.

"That's completely legitimate, legal and ethical in every way," Gov. Walker said.

Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive for eight years before being elected governor in 2010. The John Doe investigation started six months before that, and has now stretched over two-and-a-half years.