Gov. Scott Walker hosts Facebook Live chat with public

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker hosted a live Facebook chat with the public on Friday morning, September 30th.

Before answering questions, the governor touted newly-released unemployment numbers for the State of Wisconsin. It currently stands at 4.2 percent. -- a 15-year low. The governor also said the labor force participation rate is one of the best in the country -- Walker said we are consistently in the top ten in the nation.

Even before the governor spoke, the page already had drawn a number of comments from people disparaging the governor. One poster said she wants to ask Walker why he doesn't respect others. Another called him a puppet for the Koch brothers. Another promised to return this morning to read "the ridiculousness" and asked Walker why he would allow so many trolls on the page.

Others have submitted complex questions about government, including queries on how to fix the state's road funding shortfall, why he didn't expand Medicaid and the chances the U.S. Supreme Court might revive an investigation into his recall campaign.