Gov. Evers on whether Pres. Trump should be impeached: 'I don't make any decisions on that'

MADISON — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers isn't taking a position on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached.

The Democratic Evers was asked Tuesday, Sept. 24 whether he thinks the Republican President Trump should be impeached. Democrats in Congress have been increasingly calling for an impeachment probe in the wake of what President Trump may have said in a phone call with Ukraine's new leader.

Evers said, "I don't make any decisions" on impeachment, and he is focused on Wisconsin.

Evers said he is concerned about things that "kind of take us off the rail as far as moving forward." He said, "We have to find a way to move forward as a nation, and so, hopefully there will be some resolution soon."

Evers spoke to reporters following an event in Madison hosted by