Gov. Evers on mask requirement at Menards, Costco amid COVID-19: 'It's a good business decision'

MADISON -- Washington-based bulk retailer Costco began requiring customers to wear masks beginning Monday, May 4, with Eau Claire-based retailer Menards following suit. This, after the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in April recommended people wear cloth face coverings like scarves or bandannas when in public -- such as in stores, where social distancing is hard to practice amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The masks are not required by law, but some retailers have made it their policy. Governor Tony Evers and state health officials said Monday it's a smart move.

"Any time we take precautions is a good thing, and so, if Costco and others want to implement that, it's a good business decision on their part," said Governor Evers.

"I would say it's a very sensible recommendation to wear masks in public, given how highly contagious the virus is, and how people can spread and transmit the virus before having symptoms," said Dr. Ryan Westergaard.

Masks are not a requirement at Pick 'n Save or Sendik's, but when FOX6 checked Monday most people were wearing them.

The CDC recommendations are for everyone to wear masks in public -- not just those who are sick.