Gov. Christie campaigns for Thompson, Bill Clinton to campaign for Baldwin

MILWAUKEE — The latest Marquette University Law School poll released on Wednesday, October 17th shows the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin tightening. Tommy Thompson polls one point higher than Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin among likely voters, 46%-45%. With about three weeks left to go until election day, both sides are getting some help from well-known politicians on the campaign trail.

In Green Bay Wednesday, Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined Thompson for a fundraiser.

"He's not the prettiest thing, but we love him," Thompson said, introducing Christie to Green Bay.

"I can't thank you enough for having me come here today and I couldn't be prouder to add my voice of support to a great American Governor Tommy Thompson," Christie said.

150 Republican donors were invited to a luncheon where Christie, who was last in Wisconsin to stump for Gov. Scott Walker during his recall election, this time turned his attention on the soon-to-be-vacant Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat.

"Here's the great thing about this guy -- he doesn't shy away from a fight, and he's in a fight right now," Christie said.

The race is tight with Democratic challenger Baldwin, but Thompson sees the race trending in their favor.

"I was down six points, then I was down nine points and today I am down one point," Thompson said.

The only mention of Baldwin Wednesday came from Christie as he talked about the consequences of not urging friends to vote Republican.

"I stayed to myself during the football games. I didn't talk. I didn't make a difference, and now, we have her," Christie said.

Brown County Democratic Chair Mary Ginnebaugh says she does not believe Christie's arrival in Wisconsin will have an impact on voters.

"Tammy Baldwin has a name. She has a reputation that is a very good one. She has a very strong candidacy. I'll tell you who is a big draw, and who is coming to Green Bay and who is speaking for the Democratic Party, and that is Bill Clinton," Ginenbaugh said.

Baldwin's image has taken a hit since the last Marquette Law School Poll. She has a 32% favorable/47% unfavorable rating compared to her 40% favorable/40% unfavorable rating from two weeks ago. Thompson's favorable rating has barely changed since the last Marquette University Law School Poll. He currently has a 37% favorable/50% unfavorable rating.

Bill Clinton will be in Green Bay on Friday. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama plans to speak in Racine and Wausau on Friday as well -- ahead of early voting beginning in Wisconsin Monday, October 22nd.