"Got drunk and tried to kill myself:" Waukesha man accused of pointing gun at police

WAUKESHA -- Prosecutors say he wanted to die by having the cops shoot him -- and he almost got his wish. But it was the police who were afraid to lose his life. FOX6 News is learning new details Friday, February 5th as the suspect, 51-year-old Dean Stamm, made his first court appearance.

Dean Stamm

There are signs of what happened Sunday night, January 24th after prosecutors say Stamm pointed an assault rifle at police.

Prosecutors say Stamm's girlfriend called police to say her boyfriend was suicidal, had been drinking that day, and was in possession of an assault rifle.

In a newly released complaint, officers describe terrifying moments when they say they thought they were going to get killed.

Officers say Stamm walked toward them, pointing a bright green light at them -- they quickly realized the light was a laser for the rifle. The officers ran for cover, diving behind cars and even crawled to safety.

Dean Stamm appears in court

One officer suffered a borderline concussion, neck and knee sprain after falling in the chaos.

Eventually, three officers fired 12 times -- one round hitting Stamm in his arm and side. Stamm wasn't the only one injured by the bullets, a neighbor sitting in her living room had a minor injury from debris after a bullet came through the wall.

Heavy police presence near Douglass Avenue in Waukesha

In court, Stamm did not speak but prosecutors say he was talking after his arrest on the night of the crime -- telling police, "I got drunk and tried to kill myself. Just let me die."

Stamm explained he wanted, "death by cop."

Turns out this isn't Stamm's first time doing something like this. In the 90s, he was charged after a similar incident.

Bail has been set at $50,000.