GOP keeps majority in state Senate, Assembly, U.S. House & gains majority in U.S. Senate

WISCONSIN (WITI/AP) -- Following Election Day on Tuesday, November 4th, Republicans are celebrating victories in Wisconsin and across the country. State capitols across the country will be more Republican than at any point since the 1920s when victorious legislators and governors take office next year. As a result of Tuesday's elections, Republicans will have full control of at least 28 state legislatures. Republicans also will hold at least 32 governorships. This, as the GOP was able to keep its majority in the House of Representatives and gain a majority in the United States Senate following Tuesday's election.

President Barack Obama is telling Americans who voted for change: "I hear you." The President said the Republican victories Tuesday in the midterm elections are a sign they want Washington "to get the job done."

In a White House news conference Wednesday afternoon, President Obama said both parties must address those concerns. But he acknowledged as president he has a "unique responsibility to try to make this town work."

He says he's eager to hear Republican ideas for governing together. And he vowed to work hard during his final two years in office to make progress. He says, "It's time for us to take care of business."

Congressman Paul Ryan was one of many Republicans celebrating victory in Wisconsin on Election Night. Others included Governor Scott Walker, and Brad Schimel, who defeated Democrat Susan Happ in the attorney general race.

Van Wanggaard on Tuesday won the state senate seat he lost two years ago in a recall after he was targeted over Act 10.

The wins are being called "a Republican tsunami" by Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore's campaign. Moore, who was re-elected Tuesday night with a large margin of victory will now have to fight to swim in a sea of Republican victories. A campaign spokesman says "the road map is going to change. The destination has been the same."

While keeping its majority in the House of Representatives and winning a majority in the United States Senate, locally, Republicans boosted their majority to 19 seats in the Wisconsin Senate.

They also kept their majority in the Wisconsin Assembly -- with 60 seats.

Republican Glenn Grothman won the 6th Congressional District race -- and will head to Washington, D.C. to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Grothman spoke on Election Night about the national Republican support he was getting in the race -- even taking a call Tuesday night from Rick Santorum -- who ran as a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination.

As President Obama makes a plea for Republicans and Democrats to work together, the big questions are whether they can actually do that -- and what President Obama will be able to accomplish in his final two years in office.

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