Goodwill laundry services gets motivational message when they needed it most

MILWAUKEE -- Goodwill laundry and linen employees wash roughly 50,000 pounds of linens for health care facilities a day.

Donald Young

"Sheets, pillowcases, gowns," Donald Young said. "If we don't do they linen, they'd be cold, getting sicker. They need it."

During the COVID-19 pandemic -- the workers play an important role in helping local hospitals.

After receiving soiled linen from treated patients, they clean everything so it can be used again.

Danny Harris

"We are one of the only vendors that provide product that goes directly to patient care," Danny Harris, director of laundry and linen services for Goodwill, said.

These front-line workers do their part under the radar.

"I like doing it," Young said. "I like helping other people out."

It caught the attention of a Super Bowl champion.

"Hey everyone in Goodwill's laundry services, you guys are the true heroes! I love you guys," former Packers WR and Goodwill Spokesman Donald Driver said.

"For him to do that, to call us heroes -- even though we just doing laundry -- to all the employees, I think that meant a lot to them," Young said.

The message left several workers emotional.

"Like, more than anything, that meant a lot," Young said.

Because while the message was heartwarming -- it's what these employees do that means so much to the community during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"We're going to keep coming in and doing what needs to be done to support hospitals," Harris said.

Goodwill staff says any health care facilities that might need their assistance should reach out, as they'd be happy to help.