Going Green With Gadgets

Who said it's not easy being green? From attire to baby products, there's an entire gadget market devoted to being eco-friendly.

Products like the Brooks Green Silence running shoes. They're comfortable on your feet and made from 75 percent recycled materials. In fact, Brooks says the Green Silence line offers consumers the first ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes. Meaning after the shoes end up in a landfill, the time it takes for the midsoles to degrade is reduced by 50 fold.

The Green Silence start at $90 and come in a variety of colors.

Up next, don't waste money over-charging your gadgets. The $30 Mushroom Green-Zero stops juicing gadgets when the battery is full.

And, ever wonder how much it costs to run all your gadgets? Well, wonder no more with Belkin's Conserve Insight. For a cost of $30, the Insight tells you how much your spending charging up your gadgets, the wattage used, and even how much carbon dioxide was produced as a result.

Moving on, it's the most revolutionary stroller ever introduced in the baby product market.

It may look like a Transformers Decepticon, but 4MOM's Origami is an eco-friendly stroller.

The long list of features for the Origami includes: self-generating power as you stroll; charging input for smartphones; LCD display with speedometer and other pertinent information; headlights; and best of all the stroller folds and and unfolds itself with a push of a button.

Origami's high-end features do come at a premium price, however. The hi-tech stroller starts at $850.

While you're out and about save the sun's rays for reading later with the Solar Focus Kindle Cover. Unlike other lighted covers, the Solar Kindle cover doesn't draw power from your kindle's battery, which means long reading times per charge.

Speaking of long lasting, Energizer's $60 Glas Task Light is LED, and according to the company, never needs a replacement bulb. The lamp is not only efficient but stays cool to the touch even after long time use. And making it a green gadget champ, the lamp doesn't draw power when not in use!