Glendale police: Text messages received by Nicolet HS students are not a 'safety threat'

GLENDALE -- Glendale police and the Nicolet School District are investigating a text message citing a CNN report about a school closure at Glendale and Whitefish Bay school districts on Friday, Nov. 2, due to a bomb threat. Officials said there is no credible safety threat.

In a letter to parents and guardians of the Nicolet community, officials said multiple Nicolet students reported receiving the text message -- which claimed to be from the Glendale Police Department. Students immediately reported these messages to school staff.

In a Facebook post, officials with Nicolet High School issued this statement:

"In accordance with school policy, the Glendale School Resource Officer was notified and officers responded to the school to investigate. Officers determined that the link included within the message lead to a pornographic image and represented no credible threat.

The police department along with district administration traced the message back to a Nicolet student in less than an hour and have determined, again, that the threat was not credible. The Glendale Police Department is conducting an investigation into this incident, and school administration will take appropriate action in accordance with school disciplinary policy."

Officials say "a comprehensive plan and procedures in place to protect all students. Anytime the school receives information that could constitute a threat, we follow a protocol to investigate and turnover all information to local law enforcement to determine the credibility of the threat."