Glendale native hunkered down in Cambridge, Mass.

GLENDALE (WITI) -- A Glendale native who lives feet away from the marathon bombing suspect's home in Boston spoke with FOX6 News via Skype on Friday, April 19th.

Dr. Stephen Steiner is hunkered down in his Cambridge apartment while police officers go door-to-door looking for the second marathon bombing suspect.

"Our lives have been interrupted from this no one is able to go to work, no one able to take the subway, go shopping, no stores are open," said Dr. Steiner. "The sound of police helicopters can be heard everywhere, it's been a very tumultuous past 12 hours."

Dr. Steiner is a post-doctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He's bothered that the recent actions of the marathon terrorists have hit so close to his home.

"The perpetrators were living for many years at the corner of Norfolk and Cambridge Street which is a ten-minute walk from my apartment. They robbed a 7-11 that I go to every other day," said Dr. Steiner.

Dr. Steiner says the heinous crimes the marathon bombers committed have rocked residents in his neighborhood.

"Emotions I have are of anger and confusion," said Dr. Steiner.

While on lockdown, Dr. Steiner says many people are taking to social media concerned that the suspect's bombing efforts were incomplete.