Glen Gerard performs one of Harry Houdini's famous illusions

MILWAUKEE -- March 24, 2016 would have been the 142nd birthday of Harry Houdini. The famous illusionist started out as a street performer on Wisconsin Avenue -- and did one of his first underwater escapes in the Milwaukee River. Local magician Glen Gerard and his assistant joined the Studio A team on Thursday to perform one of Houdini's famous illusions.

About illusionist Glen Gerard (from website)

Inspired by the classic Tony Curtis movie "Houdini" at age ten, Glen Gerard knew he would someday entertain audiences nationwide with his unique brand of humor and magic. Integrating comedy, sleight of hand, and outrageous audience participation, Glen is the perfect choice for any group that demands first class entertainment.

As a teenager, Glen received numerous awards for his skills as a stage magician. He furthered his education by studying theater and communication in college. By utilizing comedy, Glen has developed a fresh and original act that emphasizes audience involvement. Audience members are forewarned that during the Glen Gerard Show, "you may be the star"! Glen now performs professionally for hundreds of comedy clubs, conventions, trade shows, colleges, and other special events each year.