'Gives you peace of mind:' Free tax preparation services offered in Milwaukee County

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- It's tax season -- and the IRS is encouraging people to file early. Every year people pay a tax service to do their taxes when they could have gotten help for free. There are a number of free options in Milwaukee County.

Chris Mouzakitis is an accountant working for free -- helping people figure out their taxes.

"You don't often get to see the effect of your work, and here, people walk away with more money in their pockets, they haven't paid a private returner high fees," said Chris Mouzakitis, volunteer tax preparer.

The Social Development Commission is just one organization in Milwaukee County that offers the service for households that make less than $58,000.  And there are benefits to coming sooner than later.

"You beat the long lines, you beat the long wait and you're finished and that gives you peace of mind," said Kim Brooks, Social Development Commission.

The IRS wants people to know there are also multiple ways to get free help online.

"The program is generally open to people who make $69,000 or less and that's 70% of all taxpayers. Last year, for the latest numbers available, some 52,000 people in Wisconsin used IRS free file. And that's good, but we also know many more could be using the program," said Christopher Miller, Internal Revenue Service spokesperson.

The sooner you pick a way to file -- the sooner you can cross taxes off your to-do list.

"Everyone has to do their taxes, so might as well have it done for free," said Mouzakitis.

The wait times for free help will only get longer the closer it gets to April 15.