"Give back to those who have given:" Veterans relive war memories by taking a flight with Ageless Aviation

MILWAUKEE -- Taking a flight back in time! A group of Milwaukee veterans has the chance to relive some powerful memories from their time in combat during World War II.

As 94-year-old Dean Benzer straps in, he remembers his days in the Army Air Force flying in B-17's and dropping bombs during World War II. Of course, the view looked a lot different.

He's flying solo instead of flanked by hundreds of other war planes -- and a lot slower than he can remember.

"We're only going 70 or 80 mph and the bomber we flew at about 200 mph," said Dean Benzer, World War II veteran.

Benzer is in the air for about 20 minutes and when they touch down he's still nostalgic.

"I thought about some of the days and I got up in the air and it was foggy, couldn't see the end of your wing tip and you wondered if that other plane was still there -- that was the scary part about flying in combat," said Benzer.

Benzer is one of a dozen veterans and seniors taking the flights at Timmerman Airport in Milwaukee.

"Usually they're a little bit reserved but when they come out of the plane you can't hardly shut them up," said Ageless Aviation Pilot, Mike Sommars.

It's possible, thanks to Ageless Aviation Dreams' Foundation, a nonprofit operating all over the country with one mission.

"For a moment we are able to give back to those who have given," said Lynn Sommars, Ageless Aviation ground crew.

The aircrafts they're using make this experience even more special and authentic.

Benzer even got to fly the plane for a little bit -- he's already missing that one-of-a-kind feeling.

"I could get back in right away," Benzer said.

If you want to learn more about Ageless Aviation, or know someone who wants to go on one of these flights, CLICK HERE.