Girl Scouts volunteer removed due to controversial website

WEST BEND -- The Girl Scouts organization removed a West Bend mom from her volunteer duties this week because of her connection to a website that some find troubling.

Stacy Hintz says she feels "ostracized" and "very persecuted" after receiving a letter from the Girl Scouts saying she could no longer volunteer for her daughter's Girl Scout troop due to violations of policy. An email with a link was the cause. "Recently, one of my signatures went out to the troop, and it had my automated signature on it," Hintz said.

The signature included a link to the website It's run by Hintz and her husband. She calls it a place to network, empower and promote local alternative Wisconsin art and history.

In a statement, the Girl Scouts call the site dark and disturbing, and say it promotes the underground of Wisconsin and Zombie porn. "It's not pornographic. It doesn't solicit sin," Hintz said.

Hintz admits the site is not for everyone. There are pictures including gore and zombies that Hintz calls expressions of art.

The Girl Scouts say they respect Hintz's own views, but their organization has both a legal and moral obligation to protect the character of the young girls. Hintz says she's kept that part of her life very separate from the Girl Scouts until someone got offended by one of her emails.

Despite her removal as a volunteer for her daughter's troop, she's hoping her daughter can remain a Girl Scout. "I want her to have the experience, and I want her to continue in the troop," Hintz said.