Getting a bad wrap: Is paying for gift wrapping online worth the price?

MILWAUKEE -- The National Retail Federation says 183 million people will shop online this Cyber Monday, so Contact 6 put the "gift wrapping" options from several online stores to the test.

Contact 6 asked viewers for some of their favorite online stores to shop -- and using that list, the Contact 6 team randomly picked three stores to put to the wrapping test.

Several people interviewed by Contact 6 said they had used the gift-wrapping option, but never saw the end product!

So the team wants to show YOU what paying extra really looks like.

We chose Amazon, Target and Kohl's and ordered products from all three.

Here's what it cost:

    Contact 6 asked viewers what they expect if they're going to pay nearly six bucks for the service.

    "A high-quality gift-wrapping paper, neatness, preciseness. That's what I'm going to expect if I'm going to pay $3 or $4 extra for it," one viewer told us.

    The package from Kohl's arrived with no gift-wrapping at all, and remember the cost for that one was $5.95.

    Contact 6 also ordered a personalized message, and it was typed on the receipt, not on its own card.

    Kohl's package arrives without wrapping paper.

    Kohl's sent Contact 6 a statement about the missing gift wrap:

    "Kohl's is committed to providing great customer service to our customers both while in our stores and when shopping online. We apologize your order didn't arrive gift wrapped as requested and we have credited your account accordingly."

    Target cost nearly the same price, but came in a nicely-presented gift bag.

    Target ships with a gift bag.

    Amazon was the cheapest by several dollars, and the first thing Contact 6 sees is a note that says:

    "Keep your gift a surprise. Unwrap your gift before opening this envelope."

    Amazon gift wrapping.

    Inside the shipping box was a gift wrapped in actual wrapping paper.

    The message also came on its own card.