Get viruses and malware removed for FREE, but how?

Think you have a virus? Maybe malware slowing your computer down? There’s a place you can take it where they’ll fix it for free. Rich DeMuro explains in today’s Tech Report.

Did you know there is a place you can take it where they will diagnose your issues and fix it for free? It sounds too good to be true, but Rich checked it out. The Microsoft Store will look at any computer, no matter where you bought it, and clean it up absolutely free. No strings attached!

So, before you spend money on virus or malware removal, take it there first and see what they can do for you! Just be sure to make an appointment online first. When you get in-store, tell them #RichOnTech sent you!

To find a store near you and make an appointment online, click here. NOTE: The Microsoft Store in Wauwatosa does NOT provide this service.