Get Super Bowl Sunday food inspiration from one of Miami’s hottest restaurants

MIAMI (NEXSTAR) — The thought of typical stadium food may not propel your taste buds into overdrive — unless you’ve seen chef Adrianne Calvo put her twist on those typical concession stand dishes.

Calvo, who has operated her own restaurants in South Florida for the last 13 years, recently transformed her popular food truck into the restaurant Cracked.

“It’s basically fast food slow,” Calvo said when describing the concept.

The restaurant features dishes like fancy chicken wings, pork belly sliders, crispy chicken sandwich and pepperoni pizza fries.

“I always wanted to create a menu where it’s not so elevated, but at the same time we’re elevating fast food,” Salvo added.

You’ll want to click on the video above to see if Calvo’s creations get your creative juices flowing as you prepare your Super Bowl Sunday menu.