Get in shape and stay that way with tips from fitness pros

MILWAUKEE -- Getting fit in the new year is easier said than done but not stopping countless people from trying. You could have more success if you put to use some tips from fitness pros.

Tip number one -- watch what you eat. The fitness experts strongly suggest cutting down on sweetened beverages as well as high-fat foods and fast food. Portion size is a key player in your success as well.

Fitness pros suggest keeping a diet log to understand what you are eating and drinking.
"It helps you stay on track, it keeps you accountable to yourself, and what most people find is beacuse they have to write everything down they eat less," said Janet McMahon, a YMCA healthy living specialist.
Then comes the exercising. The experts say you'll have more success in the gym if you find a buddy or group to workout with. That way, you'll hold each other accountable. The pros also suggest a workout that's fun for you and switch it up often so it doesn't become boring.

Lastly, don't get discouraged. Set a series of small fitness goals that you can build upon. Do not get overwhelmed by the big picture.