Get a look: We Energies peregrine falcon web cam is LIVE

MILWAUKEE -- When you think of We Energies, Internet sensation probably doesn’t come to mind. Yet that seems to be the case with their falcon cam every spring! We Energies falcon cam is up and running now — and four eggs will be hatching soon.

We Energies customers are invited to watch peregrine falcons nesting at company power plants via live webcams. Customers can view nesting activity inside five company nest boxes at

More than 200 peregrine falcons have been born at We Energies facilities since 1997, representing nearly 20 percent of Wisconsin’s peregrine population.

This year, We Energies is inviting the public to help name the chicks at their Valley Power Plant. Winners will get to visit the plant and see the chicks in person when they get their wildlife bands later this spring. Get details: Peregrine falcon naming contest

There are five We Energies Power Plants where peregrine falcons nest:

    CLICK HERE to access We Energies’ blog on these peregrine falcons, and learn much more about the falcon pairs nesting at the various power plants this season.

    CLICK HERE for the We Energies peregrine falcons home page.