Germantown teacher accused of assault bound over for trial

GERMANTOWN -- 29-year-old Eric Glass, the Germantown High School teacher charged with two counts of sexual assault of a student by school staff, is bound over for trial after his preliminary hearing Monday afternoon.

Glass is the Germantown High School math teacher and assistant basketball coach  accused of having a nearly week long relationship with a 17-year-old student. That student testified in court Monday.

Glass came to court Monday flanked by his attorneys and a few supporters. But just about everyone in the courtroom had to leave when the alleged victim in this case took the stand.

Glass was allowed to face his accuser with a strict warning from the court commissioner.

"While the testimony is taking place, I just want you to listen. I don't want you to groan, gesture, shake your head, roll your eyes, do anything in response to anything that you hear," said Milwaukee County Commissioner Barry Slagle.

The criminal complaint against Glass says he and the victim met at a concert in Milwaukee. At the concert, the complaint says Glass and “the victim were seen kissing and dancing together…(Glass) then drove the victim back to the victim’s parent’s house.” But later, “the victim then drove her own vehicle back to (Glass’) house.”

The charges against Glass stem from three separate incidents in which Glass allegedly had sexual contact with the victim at his residence. At first, Glass faced three separate assault charges. One of the charges was dropped Monday after the victim indicated she and Glass did not have sex a third time.

Through tears Monday, the victim told the court she and Glass had sexual intercourse after the concert on April 9th, and again on April 11th. The victim said nothing sexual happened upon their third meeting on April 14th. Based on the victim's testimony, the commission found there was probable cause to believe a felony had been committed.

Glass' attorney entered a "not guilty" plea for him before leaving the courtroom Monday. Each of the two sexual assault counts carries a maximum six years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Germantown High School has placed Glass on unpaid leave while the investigation continues.

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