Germantown K9 officer finds drugs on coat inside police station

GERMANTOWN (WITI) -- A Germantown Police Department K9 Officer named "Rambo" is getting a lot of praise for alerting police to drugs in a suspect's coat inside the Germantown Police Department. A subsequent investigation led police to discover additional drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Germantown police say it happened on Friday, February 14th.

Germantown Police Officer Daniel Moschea got a call about a woman all over the road.

"Driving slowly and swerving between lanes of traffic," Moschea told FOX6 News.

The woman was taken to the Germantown Police Department because it was too cold outside for field sobriety testing.

Police say Rambo sniffed the woman's coat, that had been left unattended inside the Germantown Police Department while a Germantown police officer had the woman in another room.

Police say Rambo alerted on the coat and on a purse inside the coat.

Later that evening, Rambo sniffed and alerted on the suspect's vehicle inside a tow lot.

After obtaining a search warrant, police discovered marijuana, oxycodone, other miscellaneous prescription pills and heroin paraphernalia inside the purse. More prescription pills, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and unidentified liquid substances were located inside the vehicle.

Officials say the liquid substances will be sent to the state's Crime Lab for positive identification.

Charges are pending in this case.

"I was very proud of the dog. Without having the dog get involved in the incident, the suspect would have walked out the doors with drugs and paraphernalia," Rambo's partner, Germantown Police Lt. Dave Huesemann said.

Rambo is the only K9 officer in Germantown, but a number of surrounding communities have top notch dogs, so when one dog is off-duty, the different departments help each other out.