Generac to assist with Hurricane Ida relief

People from our area are headed south to help with hurricane relief. Crews from Generac will be leaving Tuesday morning, heading to the hardest-hit areas where many have lost power.

They will be working on generators like this to keep them running throughout the outage.

"Everything is cataloged, easily stocked, easily replenished," said Jake Thomas of Generac.

Jake Thomas

They're loading up five trucks and heading south to Louisiana helping with hurricane relief.

"We also take some necessities like first aid kits, coolers, road flares, fire extinguishers," he said.

The Generac employees will be providing needed services in some of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Ida.

"Anybody whose generator needs maintenance or anyone that’s down or anything like that, we’re going to be doing our best to fix them and get them back up and running right away," said Jake Thomas.

The ten volunteers will work fast helping as many people as they can to restore power. their services will be free. 

"It’s a pretty good feeling to go down and help people that need help," said Patrick Reimer.

Patrick Reimer

This is Reimer's fourth disaster relief trip. He's seen mother nature's impact--first hand. The service tech is ready to assist once again.

"We have divisions upon divisions to help and aid anybody in need," said Reimer.

A company making an important trip, helping out--those who desperately need it.

"People trusted us with an investment into our product, we want to make sure they are getting the most out of it," said Thomas.

The 10 volunteers will leave tomorrow and will be back in about a week. Another crew of ten are ready to be deployed if more help is needed after that.