'Gathering of the Orange:' Antique tractors make trek from West Allis to Union Grove

Allis Chalmers "Gathering of the Orange"

WEST ALLIS -- A "Gathering of the Orange" led to a trail of tractors in West Allis. Antique tractor collectors gathered to drive the machines down to Racine County on Thursday, Sept. 12.

"We grew up around this stuff I guess. There's a passion for it," said Norman Nelson, Power and Collectibles Society.

If you drove through West Allis last Thursday morning, you may have seen the vehicles that looked a little out of place.

Allis Chalmers "Gathering of the Orange"

"A couple cars passed, people look at you raising up their hands, what's going on? Couple people rolled down their windows wanted to know what was happening," said Jim Schulz Jr. tractor driver.

People in the area got to see a long caravan of Allis-Chalmers tractors.

"There's a show like every year, and different parts of the states... and this year it's in Wisconsin," said Schulz Jr.

Allis Chalmers "Gathering of the Orange"

Roughly 65 Allis-Chalmers enthusiasts brought their metal mules out onto the streets as they headed down to Racine County for a weekend fair.

"There from multiple states: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Candida -- we got somebody from Canada," said Nelson.

"It was like misting and raining in West Allis," said Schulz Jr.

While the rain, wind and thick fog presented its challenges for those making the trip, like the tractors, their drivers say they can get through just about anything.

Allis Chalmers "Gathering of the Orange"

If you missed the parade, there's still plenty of opportunity to go and see it for yourself. They're  going to be down in Racine County for "Fall Harvest Days."