Gas prices a hot topic at Auto Show

MILWAUKEE -- With gas prices quickly rising around the country, the cost associated with fueling vehicles was the subject of conversation among both automakers, and those looking at cars, as the 2012 Greater Milwaukee Auto Show wrapped up on Sunday.

At the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show, cars with good gas mileage have gotten plenty of attention during the show's nine-day run.

Jon and Noelle Simons say with gas prices on the rise, they're looking at hybrid options.Those showing off the cars at the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show say the Simons are not alone. "I would say with great frequency, at least half the people are asking about fuel efficiency, asking about hybrids, which cars get the best gas mileage. Even with non-hybrids, manufacturers are always looking to improve gas mileage. We see the gas mileage numbers increase year-to-year, and the Corolla gets up to 36 miles-per-gallon," one Toyota car dealer said.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele knows about the cost of gas. County vehicles use 800,000 gallons of gas a year! "It has a huge impact on the county - everything from buses, our fleet, snow plowing. The price of gas has a big impact on our budget," Abele said.

While Abele can at least try to get more money from Washington, people like the Simons just have to deal with it. "It impacts our family vacation this summer, because some of the kids can't go because gas is so high. It's a trickle-down effect. It'll probably come on pretty hard this summer, with the price of gasoline getting to where it is," the Simons said.

While drivers and automakers keep an eye on fuel efficiency, Abele is headed to Washington D.C. looking to help the county pay for its gas and other costs related to getting people around.

According to - the average price of gas in Milwaukee is $3.77, as of Sunday, March 4th. At this time last year, the average was $3.48.