Garth Brooks new album exclusively sold at Bass Pro Shops

Garth Brooks is releasing his new studio album "Time Traveler," which will exclusively be sold at Bass Pro Shops because, of course. 

The new album will arrive on shelves on Nov. 7, next to the wildlife taxidermy and massive live fish display.

It will only be available at local Bass Pro Shops as part of a CD box set according to Brooks' website. It will not be available digitally or at any other physical retailers. 

The "Limited Series," will contain seven discs including the new album and his three studio albums before that. 

This is not the first time Brooks has partnered with a specific store or brand to sell his album. 

In 2005, Brook sold his second boxed set, "Garth Brooks: The Limited Series," exclusively through Wal-Mart and Samsclub. 

Pre-orders are available now.