GAB posts recall petition challenges online

MADISON -- The recall petition challenges by the four incumbent State Senators are now posted online by the Government Accountability Board (GAB). CLICK HERE to view them.

The GAB does only what they call a “facial review” of the signatures, and leaves it up to the officeholders who are targeted to provide more scrutiny. The GAB announced they will not accept challenges from individuals, or third party groups analyzing signatures, and that those with concerns must go directly to the officeholders. “We only look at what’s on the face of the petition. We don’t go and look and make sure that John Smith lives at 123 Main Street, or that John Smith isn’t a convicted felon. If there’s something that the officeholders challenge that we haven’t found, then we have to go look at what evidence they have submitted. It gives us more information and helps us determine the final number of how many valid signatures there actually are,” Reid Magney with the GAB said.

The deadline for the recall committees to file rebuttals to the challenges is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14. Those rebuttals will also be posted to the website.

The deadline for the Governor to file challenges is February 27. The deadline for the Lt. Governor to file challenges is March 5.