GAB: Early voting a growing trend in Wisconsin

MEQUON -- Early voting in Wisconsin ends on Friday, November 2nd -- and numbers from the Government Accountability Board show it's a growing trend in the Badger State.

The GAB has already seen more than 412,000 people voting early or absentee in Wisconsin. Back in 2008, 21% of the electorate voted early. Some states are reporting percentages even higher for this election.

"About 30% of all votes cast in 2008 were early votes. People are saying it could easily be 40% this year. It's become a major factor," John McAdams, Marquette University Political Scientist said.

Even though early voting is becoming more popular, McAdams says studies show it is not usually a factor on Election Day because those people would have been motivated to vote anyway.

"In terms of changing the outcomes of the election, it's just not significant. These are people who would vote anyway, (who have) chosen to vote in a time and place that's convenient to vote," McAdams said.

The Willms say the early voting process is quick and easy -- and that's why they did it.

"Seems to be the same. Get a ballot, identify your address, your ward and pick candidates of your choice and seal it up, stamp away, they take it," Matt Willms said.

"Mainly for convenience of it. Also because I do happen to be going out of town on Saturday and I didn't want to miss the opportunity of voting," Sheryl Willms said.

FOX6 News talked with the GAB on Thursday. Officials pointed out that back in 2008, early voting in Wisconsin lasted for about a month. This year, it was scaled back to just two weeks.