Fundraiser held to benefit family displaced by Martini MO'z fire

WATERFORD (WITI) -- More than a week ago, a family lost their home and business in a fire. The building that housed Martini MO'z is expected to be torn down -- and the family is trying to move forward with their lives. A fundraiser was held on Saturday, January 11th to help the family.

Morena and Ruth Marquez are starting from square one. Their entire lives were destroyed in the fire that ravaged their home and business.

The only clothes they have left are the clothes they had on when they escaped the fire.

On Saturday in Waterford, an auction was held to benefit the Marquez family.

"My first thought was my mom -- wake her up. I just rushed to her door, banged on it, yelled for her, went to my fire escape door to try and let some of the smoke out," Ruth Marquez said.

Getting out alive was the only thing on their minds. Now, everything Ruth and her mother owned, for the exception of their cars, is gone.

"All I can do is move forward. There's no point in dwelling over something that we have no control over," Marquez said.

The fundraiser was held at Rivermoor Golf Club -- and even what little survived the fire was auctioned off to help the victims.

Troy McReynolds, one of the owners of the golf club bought bricks from Martini MO'z.

"I just think it will be a great thing for us to have and a lot of customers will come in and see those and remember the fun times at Martini MO'z so it was the right thing to do," McReynolds said.

Ruth Marquez said even during her life's darkest hours -- she is able to take something positive from this humbling experience.

"My mom and I can't say thank you enough to all the people of not just Waterford -- all of our friends and everything that we've made throughout the years," Marquez said.

The food and bar proceeds collected on Saturday night will also go to the fire victims -- and also to the non-profit Absolutely Waterford, which has an office adjacent to the Martini MO'z building, and other neighboring homes.