Fundraiser held for Gateway Science Project & Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo

His mission is to educate, excite and inspire kids through the wonderful world of insects, reptiles and other creatures. The bug whisperer himself, Tony Gustin, joins FOX6 WakeUp to help make scientific literacy for kids a virtual reality. 

Help Us Make Scientific Literacy for Kids a "Virtual Reality"

First annual fundraiser for the Gateway Science Project & Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo!

This fundraiser is to help us in our efforts to make 2021 a stellar year for science! This year, while our live show is still on hold, we are expanding into some wonderful new projects. We have begun posting our new videos on YouTube, we have begun our Virtual Reality science park, AND we are going to bring you a live, outdoor science park for your kids to explore this summer!

With support from our sponsors, we are also able to make this fundraiser a chance to get some FANTASTIC prizes!
There are:

Mosquito Shields from Thermacell. I do not know if you are aware of these products but as a person who spends countless hours outdoors, THEY ARE AMAZING! Without putting any chemicals on your skin, they create a 15ft bubble around you that mosquitoes will not dare enter. I personally own several of these and swear by them.

Zilla Micro Habitat. As an entomologist with a traveling insect show, I DREAM of the day someone comes up with a decent insect habitat. Others have tried and failed, but Zilla has taken on that challenge and produced a wonderful product, the Micro Habitat. It is the perfect indoor observation lab for your children. It has a sturdy construction so those little pets will not escape in your house AND it can be easily dismantled and packed for travel.

Merge EDU Virtual Reality Headset and Cube. Merge EDU is a wonderful company that is leading the world in practical affordable technologies to enhance education for children. Their services include an AMAZING virtual reality experience for your kids. They are also the developers of the Merge Cube, a device that lets your children hold augmented reality models right in the palm of their hand! Truly amazing and wonderful tech.

My Science Diary. We will be giving away 10 personalized and signed copies of our fantastic science activity book at EVERY milestone. This book, combined with our YouTube series is a powerful way to turn natural playtime into scientific adventures that build critical thinking skills in your children...