Fun family game night ideas

Many families pass the time of the cold, dark months of winter by having family game night. 

If you need a few more ideas to incorporate into your night of fun, check out these ideas from toy expert Erika Cardamone with

Happy Birthday to You! Game by Funko Games, 3+ ($14.99)

  • Follow Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Bird all over the town of Katroo
  • There’s a fantastic language learning and conversational element
  • Players move around the game board collecting as many cards and stars as possible
  • These are wonderful open-ended questions that make kids think! Allows them to explore, discover, and self-reflect. These are all great for improving self-awareness and boosting confidence.

Bold Made, 3+, ($19.99)

  • This is a modern twist on a classic card game, Old Maid.
  • Amazing way to celebrate brave, hardworking, trailblazing and powerful women.
  • 40 powerful women are featured in 10 different categories,
  • Encourages learning about women who have had pivotal roles in our history- and inspire change for the future
  • Women’s History month next month!

Tapple by USAopoly, 8+ ($19.99)

  • Fast-paced word game that will keep players thinking and exercising their vocabulary skills in a hilarious way
  • Select categories that generate more familiar words, like "Things at a Wedding," "Fruits,"
  • Players take turns naming an answer beginning with a letter on the Tapple wheel, pressing the letter, then tapping the timer to restart.
  • The 10-second timer beeps quickly so think fast!

Stack Your Chickens by MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom, 3+, ($19.95)

  • Entertaining wobble, topple balancing game.
  • Practice hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills by stacking high quality wooden animals
  • 40 different stacking challenges in 3 levels (easy, medium, hard).
  • Early STEM learning live balance, gravity, and patience!

Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt by hapinest, 3+ ($12.99)

  • Great on-the-go game for rainy days inside OR play outside
  • Each card has a different adjective or describing word, like colors (red, blue), textures (soft, slippery) or size.
  • Kids can work cooperatively together or in teams. Builds vocabulary, gets them talking and moving as they hunt!