"Full of services and opportunity" in the central city: State-of-the-art wellness center set for Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It's a healing center with a strong sense of sustainability in the central city. This is the motivation behind Milwaukee's planned Innovations and Wellness Center.

Her name is Iris Strong -- but what she was saw near the Milwaukee intersection of 16th and North, would make any mother feel a little weak.

"I seen that somethin' positive's gonna may be happenin' with the neighborhood," said Strong.

When Iris Strong spots the site of what will be the Lindsay Heights Innovations and Wellness Commons Facility, a project which involves rehabilitating a 107-year-old building and constructing a new structure in the adjacent parking lot.

"It will go from blighted and abandoned, to beautiful sustainable features," said Sharon Adams, Co-founder of Walnut Way Conservation Corp.

The project's development is being led by Sharon Adams, and the folks with the Walnut Way Conservation Corp., a Milwaukee non-profit.

"Our partnering tenants are Outpost Natural Foods, The Juice Kitchen, Milwaukee Center for Independence is placing, designing -- we'll have a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and Fondy Food Center," said Adams.

Adams explains ultimately the different entities will rely upon each other to create a neighborhood which grows, sells and consumes its own healthy food while educating and encouraging residents to make positive moves.

"You have chosen a valuable place to live. You have chosen a place to live that is full of services and opportunity," said Adams.

For Iris, it's a strong indication that she has chosen well.

"I was planning on moving, but it looks like it's gonna be worth staying," said Strong.

The $6 million project is funded by the state and the city, along with a list of private entities.

Project leaders tell FOX6 News that the available space in the center's existing building is already fully rented -- more than 5 months before the facility begins to open.