Full Assembly to vote on bill that would allow beer on board Pedal Tavern

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Alcohol has not been permitted on board Milwaukee's Pedal Tavern since the fall -- when the city decided the business could no longer have open intoxicants in the streets. A bill has been drafted that would allow beer to be served on board -- but no alcohol.

The Pedal Tavern had allowed riders to bring their own alcoholic beverages on board and drink them in between stops.

Since the "no alcohol" rule was implemented, business has declined.

Milwaukee Pedal Tavern Co-owner Derek Collins spoke before an Assembly committee in favor of a bill allowing riders to drink alcohol on board again.

"We told them it's going to be beer only, no alcohol," Collins said.

The bill classifies the Pedal Tavern in the same manner as a limousine or party bus -- allowing drinking on board as long as there is a sober driver.

"The next step is to have this voted on the Assembly floor.  Once that takes place, it's going to the Senate," Collins said.

Over 600 have signed an online petition supporting the bill.

"Everyone who signs the petition, a letter gets sent out to the Assembly and Senate members," Collins said.

Meanwhile, a Facebook group called "I hate the Pedal Tavern" has about 130 members. It calls itself "a place to release your inner rage toward the most obnoxious people in the city."

Pedal Tavern owners say changes have been made in response to criticism.

"We were operating until midnight and then we cut out hours to 10:30," Collins said.

Owners argue passing the bill will restore business and benefit bars along their route.

"I think we're gonna be a lot busier," Collins said.