Frontier Airlines shuts down reservation operations in Milwaukee, 140 workers affected

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Frontier Airlines announced on Friday, January 16th that it is shutting down its reservation operations in Milwaukee. The change will impact 140 Frontier employees.

A Frontier spokesperson hopes a business partner will hire many of the former employees. They are getting severance even if they are hired by the business partner.

Frontier Airlines issued the following statement in relation to the change:

"Today Frontier is meeting with its Airport employees in Denver and Reservations employees in Denver and Milwaukee to advise them of the difficult but necessary decision to transition the management of these departments to business partners who specializes in these areas.

"Today’s announcement is by no means a reflection of the service or level of work provided by our team members. The business partners we have selected are high-quality organizations and employees will be given priority in interviewing.

"These changes continue to be part of a comprehensive companywide strategy that is crucial for Frontier to successfully compete in the marketplace as an ultra-low cost carrier allowing it to offer customers much needed relief from high airfares nationwide. Low fares are only achieved through low costs."

1,160 employees at the Frontier operations in Denver were also affected by this change.