Frontier Airlines launches coronavirus ‘More Room’ seat option

NEW YORK -- Frontier Airlines will allow its customers to social distance on its planes for a price.

The budget airline is offering a “More Room” seat option that costs at least $39 more per passenger, one way. Booking the selection ensures the middle seat that is next to a passenger will be empty for the duration of the flight.

This new seating option comes days after Frontier Airlines announced it is making face coverings mandatory during the coronavirus pandemic.

“While we believe the best measure to keep everyone healthy is to require face coverings, for those who want an empty seat next to them for extra peace of mind or simply additional comfort, we are now offering ‘More Room,’” said Frontier CEO Barry Biffle in a statement Monday.

Eighteen “More Room” seats will be available on flights departing May 8 through Aug. 31. Passengers can also choose this special seating option for stretch seats in the first three rows of the aircraft – which provide extra legroom and reclining space.

Frontier will announce whether its “More Room” program will be extended beyond Aug. 31 at a later date if the coronavirus persists.

Face coverings will be a requirement starting May 8 for passengers who are visiting the airline’s ticket counters and gate areas in addition to onboard.