Froedtert Hospital security guards 'bring a little joy' playing music, singing to patients

MILWAUKEE -- At Froedtert Hospital, three musicians are doing what they can to make the holidays a little brighter for visitors. While music may be their passion, it's not their full-time jobs.

We all know spending time at the hospital can be rough, and the holidays are no different. However, Jonathan Landis might have the key to making hospital stays a little easier.

"Everybody that I talk to this is such a positive experience for them," said Landis.

Jonathan Landis

The violinist is classically trained and once a music performance major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Landis often practices ten hours a day, but playing violin is not his day job.

"That's actually one of the high points of my career is being able to go and share music in uniform as a police officer," said Landis.

The former Lake Geneva police officer has found a way to blend music into his job as a hospital security guard. Thursday, Dec. 20 he had his first performance in Froedtert's main lobby.

"The farther I got away from music it seemed like it just brought me back and here at Froedtert I was able to share my talent and light up so many faces here at the hospital," said Landis.

Landis' guitarist is Anthony Weary, who is also a floor care technician.

"It does something good to me to be able to bring a little joy to their lives," said Weary.

Anthony Weary

Santino Laster

By the time the traveling minstrels made it to "advanced care" at this hospital, they added a third member -- Santino Laster on vocals.

Landis knows him as "Boss," because Laster is the security supervisor.

"I guess some little birds got in some ears that I can sing," Laster said.

Three hospital employees working in harmony to spread Christmas cheer.

"I felt very comfortable bringing my violin to the hospital and play for everybody," said Landis.