FREE theft deterrent devices for cars, vans & SUVs: Does your vehicle qualify?

MILWAUKEE (WITI) --With a huge spike in car thefts this year, Milwaukee Police are trying a new way to stop the criminals.

The Milwaukee Police Department and the Automobile Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee (ADAMM) announced on Friday, October 24th that they are teaming up to reduce auto thefts in the city. Together, they created a program to reduce auto thefts in the city that officials say in many cases leads to transportation for perpetrators to commit more and sometimes violent crimes in our communities.

Now, people who own the most popular cars to steal can get a free device installed, that will prevent thieves from starting the car.

"We’ve identified 2,500 vehicles that this fits, target vehicles, and what we’ve done is mailed a post card to every one of those owners," said MPD Officer William Singleton.

The number one most stolen car in the city is the Dodge Caravan, model years 2006 and older.

"The problem is the amount of time it takes police to respond to these thefts, and the economic consequences to those have these vehicles. Often it is the only car in the family," said Jim Tolkan, president of ADAMM.

Milwaukee Police say between May and June 2014, car thefts went up by more than 100 percent in the city.

"We needed a solution, a new solution to come up with deter the criminals," said Officer Singleton.

Police do not want to reveal what the device looks like or exactly how it works, so as not to tip off criminals.

This new program offers FREE installation of a theft deterrent device on select vehicles in the city of Milwaukee and surrounding communities.  Two (2) locations have been set up to install the devices on the qualifying vehicles.

October 25 -- 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Vehicles will be taken on a first come basis, no pre-appointments)

    November 1 -- 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Vehicles will be taken on a first come basis, no pre-appointments)

      The following vehicles are eligible for the FREE theft deterrent device installation:

        The following dealers are lending support by supplying technicians to install the theft deterrent devices: