Franklin High School canceled classes after bomb threat found

FRANKLIN -- Franklin High School is open after a bomb threat shut down the school Friday, March 30th. Teachers were still required to show up to school around 12:30 p.m.

Custodians were performing their regular Thursday night duties when they came across a bomb threat written on a bathroom stall. The graffiti was located in the boys bathroom near the gymnasium.

Superintendent Steve Patz canceled all classes for the day, but later allowed extra-curricular activities to go ahead as scheduled.

During the school day, the bomb squad conducted a sweep of the high school, but found nothing. "I wish we could find that magical answer why they do it, because it's very disruptive to the educational environment. It affects so many things from preparing lunches to those kinds of things, and our normal academic days," Patz said.

Campus was evacuated after an administrator found a .22 caliber bullet in the hallway. The very next day, a threat was found on the wall of a bathroom stall. Like the previous threats, today's threat was a false alarm.

School officials and police will take time reviewing surveillance video to see who could've been responsible for the latest incident.