FOX6 now upgrading the TV station's antenna, here's what it means to you

FOX6 transmission tower at Estabrook Park, Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- We at FOX6 are doing a bit of work behind the scenes -- and that includes upgrading our TV station's antenna. But until that work is complete, you may notice some issues with our signal.

The task is simple -- take down an old antenna and put up a new one. But that is easier said than done.

"We rigged the old antenna. We remove it with the use of a helicopter. A lot of prep work goes into getting the new antenna prepped," said Kevin Barber of Tower King.

Kevin Barber

FOX6 transmission tower at Estabrook Park, Milwaukee

As FOX6 gets ready to change its frequency, crews charged with making this happen need a lot of help. A group of six men plus a helicopter worked more than a thousand feet up on Tuesday, Sept. 10. All of this at FOX6's Estabrook Park transmission tower.

As this transition moves forward, FOX6 will be operating on reduced power. That means those of you on the edge of our viewing area may temporarily not be able pick up our signal. But once the conversion is finished on Friday, Oct. 18, the broadcast will be even better. It will allow us not just to re-establish our current signal, and also allow FOX6 to make improvements for years to come.

FOX6 transmission tower at Estabrook Park, Milwaukee

"The antenna is up there. But there's a lot of work to get that antenna playing," Barber said.

You will eventually have to rescan your TV to recognize FOX6 again. But this cannot be done any earlier than Oct. 18.

It is important to note this transition only impacts those who receive our signal over the air. If you get us from cable or satellite, you should not experience any interruptions.

If you would like to learn more about this transition or have questions of your own, we invite you to CLICK HERE.

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