Fox Point police officer rescues escaped parakeet, found perched on woman's bicycle

FOX POINT -- A Fox Point police officer rescued a parakeet on Easter Sunday, April 16th.

A viewer sent in the below photos to FOX6 News:

The woman said she woke up to the parakeet sitting on her bicycle outside her apartment complex. She decided to call Fox Point police, and clearly, things went well. An officer was able to get the bird into a cage.

"I called the police department and I thought they'd probably laugh me. But they said, 'oh, we hear the bird in the background and we will send someone right over,' which they did. The police officer was very nice and he said it was the first time in 27 years he got a call for a parrot!" Pat Bain said.

Bain said the bird's wings were clipped and it had a chip on its leg, so authorities will likely be able to figure out who it belongs to.