Four-year-old girl dies from injuries after TV fell on her

MILWAUKEE -- A four-year-old Milwaukee girl died from blunt force injuries after a television fell on her at her home on the city's south side on Sunday.

The girl, identified as Yariam Ramos, was playing with kids at home around 11 a.m. when, according to the examination report of the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner, she attempted to climb a clothes dresser to change the channel on the 32-inch television. In the process, the TV fell on top of the girl.

The other children who were playing in the room ran to get Ramos' mother. After Ramos was unconscious for about 15 minutes, the family called 911.

Milwaukee firefighters took the girl to Children's Hospital. At the time, she was unresponsive but had vital signs.

The accident apparently lacerated the girl's liver. Efforts to repair that damage through surgery were unsuccessful and the child died a short time later.

Dennis O'Boyle lives just a few blocks away, and as a father himself, can't imagine what Ramos' family is going through. "This is grievous news. It's a tragedy. Our prayers, our hearts and our thoughts go out to the family. It's not just a little girl with a tragic mishap - it affects all of us in this community," O'Boyle said.

Even 11-year-old Samier Saleh, who has two sisters of his own, can put himself in this situation. "I would be very sad. I would cry all night," Saleh said.