Four Pleasant Prairie RecPlex lifeguards honored for saving the life of a four-year-old swimmer

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -- Four Pleasant Prairie RecPlex lifeguards on Monday, April 4th were honored for their life-saving efforts during a water rescue involving a four-year-old. These four lifeguards were awarded commendations due to their heroic efforts.

On Monday, March 7th, Broden Etmans initiated a water rescue involving the four-year-old swimmer. Etmans checked the child’s vitals and initiated CPR and rescue breathing.

Upon observing the water rescue, Tyler Schwab grabbed an emergency bag/automatic external defibrillator and coordinated lifeguard staff as he initiated an emergency action plan. He subsequently assisted with rescue breathing.

Leighanne Hogan and Christopher Heiberg also responded to the rescue and helped perform CPR and rescue breathing. Hogan also provided crowd control.

Through the rapid response of Broden Etmans, Tyler Schwab, Leighanne Hogan and Christopher Heiberg, the child was successfully resuscitated.

Four RecPlex lifeguards honored for saving life of four-year-old swimmer

These four lifeguards were honored Monday, April 4th by the Pleasant Prairie Village Board.