Fountain of youth? Youth movement at Summerfest strong, but so is "remember our youth movement"

MILWAUKEE -- Summerfest is in its 48th year! The gates at Maier Festival Park opened on Wednesday, June 24th at noon -- and when visiting the Big Gig -- it's not hard to find fest-goers born after Summerfest itself! The youth movement at Maier Festival Park is strong.

But so is the "remember our youth movement!"

There are boomers on the Summerfest grounds that have nothing to do with fireworks.

"It is re-living what you loved. It is absolutely re-living what you loved. We were here, what -- 15 minutes? Already ran into three people I know," Tim Wiza of Germantown said.

There are many more than 50+ shades of gray on the Summerfest grounds -- but is Summerfest the fountain of youth?

"The fireworks are tonight -- and I'll be dancing on the benches!" Jana Braun of Menomonee Falls said.

The great thing about Summerfest is there's always going to be someone a little older, a little grayer who is rocking harder than you are.

In 1968, the first Summerfest debuted at 35 separate locations throughout the city.

In 1970, the festival moved to Milwaukee's lakefront, specifically to an abandoned 15-acre Nike missile site.

Summerfest will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2017.

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