Former Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch reportedly reaches plea deal

MILWAUKEE -- Kelly Rindfleisch -- a former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker set to stand trial starting Monday, October 15th has reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

43-year-old Rindfleischused to work for Gov. Walker when he was the Milwaukee County Executive. She's accused of doing campaign work on County time.

Rindfleisch had pleaded not guilty to four counts of misconduct in office. The charges carry a maximum combined penalty of six years in prison and a $40,000 fine.

A subpoena had been filed with the court requiring Gov. Scott Walker to testify in Rindfleisch's trial. The subpoena was served on Walker's attorney, Michael Steinle and was filed with Milwaukee County Judge David Hanscher. The subpoena was filed by the defense.

Walker was previously identified by a prosecutor as a potential witness in the case.

Rindfleisch's attorney told FOX6 News he had planned to ask Walker to testify about the quality of Rindfleisch's work while in the County Executive's office.

"The governor engaged my client's services. She was a member of his staff. She has denied she has committed any crimes. I think (Gov. Walker) has relevant information about the fact that she performed her duties in both an extraordinarily good manner and in a timely manner," Rindfleisch's attorney, Frank Gimbel said.

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