Former State Rep. Lehman to run against Van Wanggaard

RACINE -- One week after turning in more than 24,000 recall signatures, Democrats have a candidate to run against State Senator Van Wanggaard. Former State Senator John Lehman recently announced his plans to run for Wanggaard's state senate seat.

Lehman lost to Wanggaard back in 2010. In his speech Tuesday, Lehman said: "In 2010, Mr. Wanggaard never once agreed to debate or answer questions about what he would do in Madison. (God knows we tried.) A number of folks have poured over 2010 campaign speeches. The conclusion: the voters were never allowed to see the meanness and the disdain for our citizens. I say to you today, Van, let's change the way we play politics. Let's debate the issues, not sling mud."

In a statement Wanggaard welcomes the challenge by Lehman saying: "Just over a year ago, voters across Racine County rejected Lehman and his record of losing 150,000 jobs in three years, crushing taxes, more spending and unpaid bills. From the moment I took office last January, my singular focus has been on reversing job loss that occurred under Lehman's watch by laying the ground work for job creation. I welcome the opportunity to share my record of reform with all the voters of the 21st Senate District."

Lehman's campaign tells FOX6 he plans to "criss-cross" the district, shaking hands and talking to constituents. Lehman's campaign says he will base his campaign on the issues that are important to a strong economy, and an even stronger Wisconsin. "Wisconsin has lost too many jobs in the past six months to sit idly by. Van, your ideas aren't working, and it's time for new leadership. We cannot wait another year," Lehman said.